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What is an Umbrella Company?
An Umbrella Company allows you to receive part of your earnings as an expense reimbursement rather than salary income. This means you save the income tax on this part of your income.


How do I claim expenses?
Along with your Application Pack we will send you a mileage & expense claim form which you complete, sign, and post weekly, attaching all original receipts. We will then process it and calculate the amount that can be offset against tax.


How much can I claim in expenses?
There is no limit as long as they are legitimate expenses for the sole purpose of carrying out your job. If a large amount of expenses are submitted we may have to carry some of the expense over to the following week. Please note that expenses are not paid as an additional sum on top of the amount received from the agency.


How do I join, and how long will it take?
We can set you up in less than 24 hours! We will post or email the Application Pack to you, simply complete the documents and return them to us in the free post envelope provided. As soon as we receive the completed documents we will be able to set up you up in an Umbrella Company on the same day!


How and when do I get paid?
All payments are done by CHAPS, which means you will be paid on the same day the Umbrella Company gets paid by the recruitment agency.


What insurance cover do I have?
Free automatic cover for Professional Indemnity, Public and Employers liability insurance.


Does IR35 affect me?
Umbrella Companies can be used by anyone working in the U.K. whether they are inside or outside of IR35. For further information on IR35 please refer to the Important Information section of the website.