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Umbrella Companies

Ricson Services Ltd offers an Umbrella Company Solution that can be used by all Contractors in temporary assignments:


The benefits of an Umbrella Company Solution are:

  • Avoids the time and trouble of running a limited company. Contractors just need to send details of hours and expenses.

  • No responsibility for calculating and paying PAYE, NI, VAT and CT.

  • No responsibility for the admin and cost of setting up and dissolving a company.

  • No IR35 issues.


The Ricson Services Umbrella Company offers contractors:

  • Straightforward registration process

  • No joining or leaving fees and contractors only pay for weeks they work

  • Same day payments

  • Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability insurance cover

  • Sick, maternity & paternity pay (subject to qualifying conditions)

  • All companies are registered in England and are fully compliant with UK tax laws

  • Regular staff training to ensure full compliance with HMRC expense legislation


Ricson Services provides service with a personal touch:

  • Each contractor has their own client manager to ensure they get consistently good service and have a main contact when needed.

  • We offer an efficient, personal service to both the agency and the contractor.

  • We believe in treating everyone as individuals and every situation as unique.

  • By working closely with contractors and agencies we develop good relationships which benefit us all.

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